Coat Type

Wool:  If you wish to keep a long flowing coat wool coats require more
maintenance, HOWEVER most people love the shorter look. If this is your
preference then you will find the Wool coat very easy to keep looking
great.  Grooming and a scissor trim or electric clip three or four times a
year is about all you will need to do. It is extremely rare for a WOOL coat to
shed, and is the preferred coat type to send to families with severe allergies.

Fleece: The Borderline coat is a term that was used to distinguish a
mutated gene that started to appear several years ago. I loved the look,
texture and ease of maintenance, and began developing this coat type
specifically. Unfortunately the name was never meant to "stick", it was just
a term I used in my research to distinguish the coat types. I am thinking
about finding a proper name for this coat type, that in my opinion, is
Labradoodle "coat perfection".

are, as the name implies,  is a soft fleece texture, ranging
from soft flowing swirls to more densely flowing  spirals. Unlike the WOOL
coats, you can clip, scissor or shave a "FLEECE" coat and it will grow back
almost perfectly the same.Maintenance is medium for the most part of the
dogs life, However as they change from puppy to adult coat at 8-12 months
of age, They need a good "stripping" once a Week. Stripping is when you
brush and then comb every inch of your dog right to the skin to remove all
the dead coat, This is a tedious task lasting usually 2 months after that
maintenance is an easy once every 3-4 week comb. REMEMBER after
grooming your dog you always need to spray the coat with water to restore
the curls this will prevent matting in the future. and as with the WOOL
coats you can then scissor the coat to the length you prefer. See puppy care
"Grooming" for more detail on coat care and trimming/clipping. Though
there is nothing more magnificent that a groomed FLEECE Coat.
Fleece coats rarely if ever shed. A Guide to slight shedding is the degree of
wavy and curly the less they have the more chance of slight shedding may
occur. Shedding is unlikely but possible.
NOTE: During the age of 8-12 months, during the adolescent/maturing
time you will need to groom your fleece every week. After that the coat will
settle down and maintenance will return to normal.

Hair:  Hair Coats are rarely seen in Australian Labradoodles anymore.
Years of development have established a coat of fiber rather than hair. Hair
coat dogs will shed sometimes profusely.
You will sometimes see a wool coat or Fleece coat that still has a degree of
hair they will shed but usually only slightly and most appear to be allergy
friendly. Remember if you have "genuine" severe allergies Wool coats only
are recommended.
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