Sizes are still somewhat inconsistent with no definition between male and
female at this time.  Accurate prediction of size, even by an experienced
breeder, is not expected at this time.  Size is measured to the top of the
shoulder blades (withers) while standing squarely on a level surface.  
Much care is needed when breeding both the large and small dogs.  Large
dogs can suffer from rapid growth that can lead to structural problems.  
Soundness is of utmost importance.  Over size is a major fault.  Care must
be taken to keep the miniature Australian Labradoodle a solid athletic
robust dog.  The dwarfing of dogs can lead to many genetic and
temperament disorders.  Minimum size attention is of the utmost
importance to maintain a healthy little dog.  Most Australian Labradoodles
will weigh more than their height reflects.

STANDARD: 21” TO 24”
Ideal size for a standard female is 21” to 23” and for a male 22” to 24”.
Weight range tends to be 50 to 65 pounds.

MEDIUM: 17” TO 20”
The Ideal size for a medium female is 17” to 19” and for a male 19” to 20”.
Weight range tends to be 30 to 40 pounds.

The Ideal size for a miniature is 14” to 16” with no correlation between
height and sex of the miniature Australian Labradoodle. Weight range
tends to be 16 to 25 pounds.
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