I know I am going to annoy some here real quick. Chances are that I have already already annoyed or offended some of you in the past. Far too frequently I skim the dog owner forums and read questions like: How do I get my dog to stop doing [annoying behavior inserted here]? Why does my dog [annoying behavior inserted here] every time someone comes over? Why does my dog destroy the [object of value] when I leave him home alone all day? Why is no one asking if someone can recommend a good trainer in the area? Why are so many waiting until their puppy has so many bad habits like: like barking at strangers, digging holes in the back yard, jumping on guests, stealing food off the counter, refusing to Come when called, walking on a flat collar and a leash without being a freak? Sorry for taking so long to get to my point. It is so incredibly easy to train a puppy from the start, especially when you are equipped with baby gates, crates, toys, food, treats, flat collar, leash and you know what you are doing! Starting with a young puppy is like getting a blank slate. It becomes what you make it. Don’t forget in six to nine months from now that you influenced that behavior that you are trying to fix. Get your puppy or dog into obedience class now. Don’t use the excuse that your last dog was so good to avoid training this one. Your last dog wasn't good because of dumb luck, this one won’t be either.